Platform MVP

This MVP is intended for demonstration purpose, as well as to provide feedback for future product development.

Note that our MVP is running on Ethereum Test Net (Rinkeby and Kovan), so its performance depend on Ethereum.


Do NOT use your real Ethereum address. Use Test Net address instead.

MVP Detail (On Rinkeby Test Net)

You can access all the detailed information of Lina MVP on the Right Menu at

Lina Token Explorer:

Lina Main Contract (Responsible for Token Transaction):

Lina Side Contract (Responsible for Review Logic):

Network Stat:

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Merchant Features

In order to become a Merchant, your account have to be approved by us.

After that, you have to input your Test Net Ethereum Wallet in your profile page, and you will receive 20 Lina to create campaign.
In real situation, Merchant need to already have Lina Token in their wallet (from Exchange or other Token Holder).

Approved Merchant can add new products, or create new campaigns for other to review (Both need to be approved by us to avoid spam).

Merchant can check Campaign Log to see the status of their campaign, including Payout to Helper Status, all recorded on the Blockchain.

Helper Features

In order to become a Helper, your account have to be promoted by us.

After that, you have to input your Test Net Ethereum Wallet in your profile page.

Approved Helper can add review products in Campaign created by Merchant, and receive Lina Token in the Process.

MVP Work Flow

Our MVP represent 2 flows (as stated in our Whitepaper) at a Basic Level,.

Flow 1: Merchant create campaign

  • 1. Merchant create product, awaiting admin approval (product).
  • 2. Merchant create campaign for their product, their Lina Token will be locked (2 Lina per review - this number can be configured in Admin), awaiting admin approval (campaign).
  • 3. If rejected, Locked Lina Token will be returned to Merchant.
  • 4. Merchant set the amount of reviews needed for their campaign, all recorded on the Blockchain (Can be checked by visit the transaction page on Etherscan)
  • 5. Lina system will check the Blockchain continously, and after the campaign has enough reviews from Helper, it will be finished.
  • 6. Once finished, Lina system will pay out to all Helper that review on the campaign using the Locked Token from Helper.

Flow 2: Helper review products in campaign, and get Lina Token in the process

  • 1. Helper (Need to be approved by admin, and already input their Wallet) review products on approved Campaign.
  • 2. When the Campaign fininsh, they will receive 2 Lina for their review (This number can be configured in Admin Setting).
If you have any question regarding our MVP, please contact us at [email protected]