Liam Wilkinson

(Expert User)
November 14, 2019

Product Name : Ford® F150 2020

Product Description


The Ford F-150 features a high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body and high-strength steel frame, providing the foundation for available best-in-class* payload and up to 13,200 lbs. of available towing. The Ford F-150 makes tough tasks look easy, whether you’re on the job or out on a weekend getaway.


Whether you drive an F-150 for work or recreation, F-150 offers a six-engine lineup delivering the performance you need. Naturally aspirated V8 gas powerplants with advanced twin independent variable cam timing. Turbocharged and port-fuel/direct-injected (PFDI) gas EcoBoost® V6 engines. And the 3.0L Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel.

Rating and Review

Environmental impact

So - over the last few years I have owned them all - mostly multiples of each of the following - Tundra's, Tacomo's, Silverado's. My first new Ford since 1977. And so far could not be happier with this purchase. Quiet, controlled ride, power that is unbelievable, great audio system, controls where you want them to be, very comfortable seats. 10 speed transmission - works like a charm - no hunting to find the right gear - seamless shifting. Gas mileage outstanding, and I live in Montana where speed limit on interstate is 80 mph. Just about a thousand miles on the vehicle now - not one fill-up has been under 19.0 mpg - mostly 19.3 to 19.6 mpg avg. On one of these trips hauled maybe 1000 lbs of stuff for a wedding 150 miles away. This includes combined city driving as well. The auto start stop is fine - slight shudder when it shuts down but ready to go when you hit the pedal - nice to know I am not burning gas when sitting at a long light. Have not had one issue requiring me to take to the dealer since purchasing about a month ago. Navigation system is a pleasure to use especially after the aggravation that sets in when you try the Toyota system. Added rear wheel well panels and mud flaps from Husky - easy install. On the trip to trade a Tacoma for this Ford the Tacoma got 17.6 mpg and on the return trip with the F-150 got 19.3 mpg at hit 80 mph plus on some stretches. So far so good.