Liam Wilkinson

(Expert User)
November 14, 2019

Product Name : 2020 Mustang Shelby® GT500®

Product Description


Launch Control (track use only)

Launch Control* integrates the brakes and both traction and powertrain control to help ensure quick starts across a broad range of driving conditions. Real-time performance info is displayed through Track Apps® on the in-dash LCD screen. Can only be used with manual transmission.

*For track use only.

12” LCD Digital Instrument Cluster with MyColor®

This class-exclusive, *12-inch all-digital LCD cluster lets you personalize your gauge layout with three different views – Normal, Sport and Track. Then, take the custom experience to the next level with MyColor, which lets you match the gauge hues to your mood.

*Class is 300+ High-Power Sports Car based on Ford segmentation.

Selectable Drive Modes

With available selectable drive modes, you control vehicle driving dynamics. Simply flick a toggle on the center stack, and handling and response are adjusted based on your selection. Choices are Normal, Snow/Wet, Sport, Track or Drag Strip.

Rating and Review

Environmental impact

This car is a legend, its the first mustang to go 200 miles per hour. Its the last Shelby that Carol shelby ever helped build. Its also the last Shelby gt 500 that is manual. Its also the only mustang that goes 200 miles per hours the 2020 that is automatic is capped at 180. I would get the 2013, same car and its anniversary edition. These are also hand made and not mass produced!! Highly collectible!!!!