Noah Williams

(Expert User)
September 20, 2019

Product Name : J fruit Dehydrated Durian

Product Description

J fruit Dehydrated Durian

        Durian is known as the king of fruit. We use our professional skill to select only the appropriate ripened durians. The unique attributes of its aroma, flavour, and texture provides fantastic typical Thai fruit taste. J fruit guarantees the quality of dehydrated durians in every bite. Consume fruit for good health, it will bring up your energy with high carbohydrate and provide vitamin c.

Rating and Review

Value For Money

Had found this in Seven Eleven when looking for some thing like snack.
It atrached me because the shape so colourfull with real fruit design.
Bought 2 kind of this mango and durian.
About Durian, this taste better than fresh one, cause its not too much strong like fresh but more sweet. With foreigner, you're not easy to try the fresh dủian.
I had try the J fruit Durian before but with the Freeze Dried method, it's much better, of course the price is higher.

But one thing I need to share is the experience of tracking this product buy using mobile app to traceability. And thí not nomal Traceability add with QR code, this store on blockchain, that mean all this information is trustly 100%.
This experience make this product so tasty for me :))