What is Lina review?

Lina review is a review platform based on blockchain technology, and data will be guaranteed immutability and transparency. It’s also an element in the Lina Network ecosystem

Why blockchain?

The internet gave us the age of information. Blockchain gives us the age of digital ownership. The blockchain with its immutability and transparency can give us the proof of our digital data, by that way, the rating and review data will be trustful and authority more than ever before

What is the different between Lina and other review sites?

First of all, we respect the trust as the core factor of our application. User can get the right knowledge of what they are looking for, instead of click-bait or fake reviews because the review data will be last forever on our chain 

The second thing is the incentive program for the reviewer; they can earn with us whenever they can, as long as they can provide useful reviews. Their earning will be judged by their contribution to our community, not by cheating or by any centralized organization.

The expert system will be the third factor in our uniqueness. An expert is a person who is master of something in real life, and they have real experience and can provide the in-deep reviews, it will be much helpful for others who are looking for the right reviews

What about the incentive program?

For each review, base on the react of other users, and the review owner can earn the token for his contribution 

How about Lina Network ecosystem?

The LINA Platform aims to create a network platform which use for social review application, the supply chain management application and identity and much more.